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The Power of Words and Well-being

I love inspirational quotes. I can stand in a store and read greeting cards and laugh like I’m at a comedy club or be moved emotionally in memories and appreciation. One of my bucket list things – if I ever really retire, is I want to go to Washington DC and make a book of all the quotes on the national monuments. They are inspirational.

Words Can Hurt Or Heal

I find words are powerful for me. Words whether spoken, written, or just thoughts in our minds are powerful. Words are the expression of the mind. They can hurt or heal. Words bring people together or can tear them apart.

Our own experiences cause us to add meaning to those words, and oftentimes evoke an emotional and physiological response. When someone expresses affection towards you, have you ever “felt your heart swell?" Or when someone says something cruel do you “feel your heart ache,“ stabbed in the back," or “sick to your stomach?" Words carry an energy all their own.

Water and Words

Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. He proved this by exposing glasses of water to various words, pictures or music, then froze the water and examined the frozen crystals under a microscope. His work demonstrated that water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions. (See photo above)

Suffice it to say that based on Emoto's research, since approximately 45% of a woman's body is water, and upwards of 65% for men, strong words can cause strong responses - good and bad.

Words and our Well-being

The words we speak, write, and even think can affect the overall well-being of the body and mind. My state of mind effects my body, my mind effects my spirit which then effects how I relate to others.

Overcoming the Power of Words

The good news is once you’re aware of the power of words on yourself and others, you can effect change. I used to fall into some pretty sad “pity parties” or as I call them “Oh woe is me…” moments. Or when I received negative words or behaviors from others, the childhood adage, “Nobody likes me, so I’m going to eat worms and die” would raise its ugly head.

But the good news is I have found the power to recognize and change all that. Experience, inner-work, and wisdom have cultivated a Strong Mind for myself, and given me the power to overcome these pollutants of the mind that no longer serve me.

I sometimes will say out loud, “This thought, or these words do not serve me.” I have found over time and practice that I can more quickly pull myself out of that dark pool of sadness, self-annihilation, character assassination, and feelings of being “unworthy” that once incapacitated me.

Words are a Terrible Thing to Waste

This knowledge has also brought me to understand the necessity of kindness and love in my thoughts, words and deeds towards myself and others. To heal myself, those around me, and the world – I choose that my words calm the waters within.

A famous quote from a 1977 public service announcement for the United Negro College Fund says, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” So true back then for the equality in higher education for all. I apply a similar principle here by using the power of my mind to build, create, and lift up, not waste it on words that hurt myself or others.

This is a mindful practice that I do consciously every day, and recommend you do too. It starts with awareness of how words affect you, which will affect the words you use towards others. Over time, it has gotten easier for me and has transformed how I feel about my myself and how I connect with others.

"Class Pessimist" No Longer

My senior year in high school, I was voted “Class Pessimist.” I am no longer that person. By empowering my mind to use words to heal rather than hurt, I have experienced and enjoyed many lives in this lifetime. Each one has pushed me, not always painlessly, to evolve and become a better version of myself. I hope I can help others do the same.

I want to thank the members of the Live Free Yoga partners, Tida, Phyllis and Robin for using their powerful uplifting words to raise and support my continued and expanding healing vibration.


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Author, Charlotte Rose, is the founder/owner of ahhhMazing Life Yoga & Wellness and the newest partner of Live Free Yoga. Her yoga journey started over 20 years ago, and she’s been teaching for more than 13 years. Her journey started out as an adventure in self discovery but has evolved into a practice guiding others to self discovery, and healing in body, mind and spirit. To find peace in the moment... to live the best for the rest. She is also an IIN nutritionist, REIKI Master, Life & Wellness Coach, QiGong Level 1 Teacher and continues to train in many areas of energy, breath, movement, and trauma recovery through meditation & movement.


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