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Youth Programs

LFM programs actively support and develop character and positive personal values. This helps to develop resilience and social-emotional skills through guided self-discovery in stillness, thought, and movement.


  • Increases academic success

  • Improves self-awareness & confidence

  • Increases empathy for others 

  • Improves relationship-building skills

  • Decreases emotional distress

  • Encourages positive social behavior

Watch the video below to find out how students are benefiting from our mindful movement programs. 

Amanda, 7th grade

"The class helped me to take my time and work peacefully"

Danna, 8th grade

"My thoughts would often drift and that would cause me to get sidetracked and procrastinate, but ever since I been going to the Mindfulness class I have been able to apply what we learned in class to stay focused."

Virginia, 7th grade

"It helped me notice my happiness and anger"

"Such a positive experience for my students to be exposed to Yoga/Mindfulness from a certified instructor is wonderful! It truly is teaching to the whole child."   
~Steve Hockenberry, Physical Education & Health Instructor for Dallas Independent School District

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