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Learn About Lighter Being

Learn About Lighter Being

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Lighter Being™ is a transformative series designed to help the busy & stressed take a few moments each week and each day to develop their own mindfulness practice.

It is 14 weeks, with a 15-20 minute video each week and small daily practices to help improve your mental and emotional stability, focus, job satisfaction, performance, stress management, cultivating inner peace, and an overall lighter sense of being.

The series is taught by master yoga and mindfulness teacher Tida Chambers.  Tida guides you through a variety of relaxation, breathing, and movement practices each week and provides daily practices to help grow your own  personal practice.  

Click the video to watch a sample of practices included in Lighter Being™

A consistent mindful practice is proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and improve the quality of overall mental health.

How to Enroll



To Register click on the ENROLL button below and complete your registration & payment for immediate access for 1 year (renewable)




To receive a "quote" on a group discount and to complete the registration, please complete the CONTACT form and Select 

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Each lesson will focus on a theme that includes various mindfulness tools to cultivate a Strong Mind, Brave Heart, Wise Body, and Noble Spirit..  The last six lessons address the  integration of all of the components and mindfulness into your lifestyle.  

Each lesson consists of

  • A check-in with your state of being

  • Conscious breathing practice

  • Gentle movement practice 

  • Guided relaxation

  • Mindful practices for the coming week 

  • Downloadable PDF to support your daily practice experience


Lighter Being learners will have access to a private Facebook Group called, "E.D.U.C.A.T.E." It stands for Empathy, Discover, Uplift, Connect, Awareness, Teach, Empower - all the things educators do for their students. This is a self-care sanctuary for educators. There will be live video discussions, inspiring and engaging posts, and some additional mindfulness practices.

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Joan Pratt
Educational Diagnostician, Garland, TX School District

I can’t recommend the “Lighter Being” program enough! It has been my therapy, and has helped improve my physical and emotional well-being, immensely! Over the weeks, I have learned to practice the strategies taught in the videos, daily, and with an automaticity that I never had before!

Ripple Effect

By committing to the Lighter Being experience users will not only create a positive impact for themselves, but the ripple effect will transcend from the individual to those whom they touch personally and professionally. 

Art Class

The videos have helped me to practice conscious breathing and be more relaxed.

Garland, TX School District


The instruction was clear and well-prepared for all activities

and videos.

Garland, TX School District

Community Liason

I really liked the self-paced videos and very helpful tips

Garland, TX School District

Facilitator's Aide

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