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Educator Programs

LFM provides professional development for educators in mindfulness and has consulting, coaching, and training capabilities for the integration of mindfulness into the individual classroom or at the campus or district level. 


  • Reduces stress

  • Improves classroom management

  • Increases self-compassion 

  • Reduces teacher burnout

  • Improves productivity in the classroom

  • Improves emotional-regulation

*TEA approved CPE Providers 

Math Teacher
Uplift Luna Charter School

Hearing the kids giggle in the postures and watching them have so much fun always improved my mood that week.

PE Teacher
WT White HS

"It's a great change of pace for the students. It teaches them to relax and gives them tools to help them lessen stress and anxiety throughout the year." 

Health & PE Teacher
Harry Stone Montessori MS

"They will have a much better chance to be successful in all areas of their life! Mindfulness was a perfect fit for our 8th grade Health Education class!" 

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