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Our Team

The core of our company is centered around our team, the four Managing Partners. Our shared vision is the glue that binds us: "To contribute to the creation of thriving individuals and communities living in harmony with themselves and serving others for the greater good."

Tida Chambers profile image

Tida Chambers

Managing Partner

Tida Chambers co-founder and co-creator of Live Free Yoga (LFY) and Lighter Being ™, was key in the development of LFY’s foundational principle of empowering others to find wholeness and embrace their personal power in the development of a strong mind, brave heart, wise body, and noble spirit.   ​Tida has been a student, teacher, and guide in cultivating consciousness for over 25 years. She brings her passion and belief that every person on the planet has the power to reach their full potential. Through her calm presence and compassion, she encourages and guides you to develop a new awareness of yourself, your power, and your ripple effect into this world. Upon obtaining a BA in Psychology from Earlham College, and an MBA from Texas Tech University in Healthcare and Marketing Management, Tida ventured into the business world for over 15 years. Tida felt called to step out and make a change and a difference in a new way. She began teaching yoga and mindfulness almost 20 years ago and holds the classification through the Yoga Alliance of E-RYT® 500. Contact Tida directly at:

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Phyllis Smith

Managing Partner

Phyllis Smith co-founder Live Free Yoga (now Live Free Mindfully) with Tida Chambers in 2016 initially to help youth cultivate life skills for social-emotional well-being in schools and throughout their lives. She has been key in the growth and expansion of the mission of Live Free that now includes mindfulness and movement programs for youth, professional development for educators, and training and support for school staff, communities, and businesses. Phyllis spent 35+ years in the TV/Radio broadcast news business and corporate media. Her positions included TV producer on the Today show in NY, CBS radio show host, producer and reporter, and head of media services at eWomenNetwork.   Phyllis earned her Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training certification (RYT-200 hour) in 2006, and her children’s yoga certification (RCYT-95 hour) training in 2017.   In addition she has completed several mindfulness trainings, to include Mindful Fundamentals and Mindful Communication.  She is a graduate of Ithaca College with a BA in Television and Radio. Phyllis’ personal passion and mission in life is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities through guidance in mind/body practices and through education. Contact Phyllis directly at:

Robin Pusateri Photo.JPG

Robin Pusateri

Managing Partner

Robin Pusateri managing partner, joined Live Free Yoga in 2021, and was part of the collaboration that evolved into the expanded mission of Live Free Mindfully.  She is results-oriented, a fitness professional, and successful business owner with proven accomplishments in customer relations, communicating effectively at all levels and building successful teams. Robin is respected for a high level of creativity and positive energy in any situation.  Robin was a teacher for LFM in the Dallas ISD.  It was this engagement and the positive impact she experienced in the students that sparked her desire to be a bigger “part of the change”.   She is critical to the growth of LFM with her creativity, vision, and social media marketing experience, coupled with a drive to expand the benefits of the services to a broader market. Robin has been the wellness industry for twenty plus years. She is certified in multiple fitness genres, but always brings the mindfulness aspect to everything she teaches. She obtained her Yoga Certification (RYT-200) in 2014.  And is experienced and trained to bring mindfulness to adolescents and adults. She takes a wholistic approach to all business activities as well as to her personal lifestyle.  She teaches it and she lives it. She shares her love and passion for bringing a mindful approach to life by “being curious but not judgmental." She believes that curiosity is brain food for a personal growth mindset. Contact Robin directly at:

Charlotte Rose profile picture

Charlotte Rose

Managing Partner

Charlotte Rose began working with Live Free Mindfully in 2021 as a consultant, and joined as a managing partner in 2022. She has over three decades of professional experience in the areas of leadership, training and facilitation.  She has development and delivery experience that spans from the neighborhood to the boardroom level.   Charlotte is a proven leader in both business and community environments. She has a track record of innovative success, and a reputation for maximizing the potential of services, products, people, and creating win/win solutions.  She is a highly motivated, versatile, analytical professional with broad-based experience in managing global and local programs.  She has delivered training in North America, Australia, and Europe to more than 12 nationalities.  Her facilitation skills have been used to support strategy meetings for Fortune 500 companies and in obtaining information through local focus groups. In 2009 she took a break from the corporate life and earned her E-RYT 500, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.  She graduated with the determination to help others “undo” the damage of stressful lives and teach how to take what they learn in her class into their daily lives.  She is a committed lifetime learner that includes certifications as a nutritionist, success coach as well as training in mindfulness.  She attended Michigan State University and is a graduate of University of Dayton with a BS in Criminal Justice. Her diverse careers include police officer, district attorney investigator, leadership in corporate IT and Security as well as business owner and consultant.  "I used to bring order to chaos in the street, and now I empower others to bring order to the chaos of their lives and minds. Contact Charlotte directly:

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