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Our Services

The following is an overview of the services we offer. Click on the "Learn More" links to get more information. 



We are your partners in the classroom, the gym or the athletic field.  Live Free Mindfully began and grew from a passion to empower youth to overcome life’s challenges with greater ease.  Empowerment is accomplished through the cultivation of self-awareness, self-care, confidence, and compassion. 



We are the mindfulness & wellness partner for staff, educators, and administrators for a healthier & happier workforce. From fitness and wellness events/classes, professional development, coaching and consulting, we are positioned to support the integration of mindfulness for the individual, classroom, campus or at the district level.

High Fives


We are partnering with different organizations to bring mindfulness understanding and practices to different communities. Bringing the community into the rippling of mindfulness improves the assimilation of healthy practices by families.  We do this in the areas of  yoga, movement, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, trauma-informed classes, virtual meditation sessions, and wellness workshops.

Creative Office


We are your mindful and wellness partner.  We provide services at the individual, team, or corporate level, for a healthier & happier workforce. And we support individual and cultural change with mindful leadership training, consulting, and coaching. 

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