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LFM provides mindfulness and wellness services, at the individual, team, or corporate level for a healthier & happier workforce. We support individual and cultural change with mindful leadership training, consulting, and coaching. Integrating mindfulness and mindful movement (such as yoga) into the workplace.   


  • Decline in depression

  • Improved employee retention

  • Better emotional balance

  • Improved problem-solving/more creativity

  • Clearer thinking and better focus

  • Boosts to physical health/Reduce absenteeism

  • More positive relationships/Increased empathy

  • Improved vitality

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Become THE PLACE to Work

Make your business stand out as a desirable place to work by supporting employees with wellness programs that help manage stress and create a work/life balance and to give you leverage to attract quality candidates for employment. Build stronger teams by improving communications and trust, through LFM’s Team Building workshops. Improve Leadership and therefore employee/leader relationships through Mindful Leadership Training.  And to build a “best’ practices develop a corporate strategy that incorporates all three to create a cultural shift.


Based on brain imaging, Neuroscientist, Dr. Richard Davidson, simplifies well-being into four key components: resilience, outlook, attention, and generosity.  

Live Free Mindfully programs cultivate those well-being components through interactive and self discovery methods.  

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