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Mindfulness in Motion®

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Mindfulness in Motion® (MIM) is designed for grades 4th -12th.  MIM integrates the development of positive character traits with mindful movement. MIM delivers a curriculum to “cross-train the body, the mind, and the heart for a better life”. The lessons not only support physical skills development but are also designed to equip and empower students to be better learners and good citizens who are confident, trustworthy, responsible, and caring with lifelong skills for a healthier lifestyle.

Flexible Implementation

MIM is designed to be integrated into a variety of curriculums. It fits easily into physical education, health/wellness, electives, after-school programs, and more.  It is flexible in its implementation as it can be used in its entirety or sectioned out for other classroom environments to align with the needs of the teacher and students.

*Training by members of the Live Free Mindfully team is provided to ensure implementation with confidence  and integrity. 

Download our brochure and learn about the benefits of MIM for both students and educators.

MIM Sample Video

MIM includes a total of 10 videos (approx 30 min long), each of which is themed with one or more of our foundational pillars (Strong Mind, Brave Heart, Wise Body, Noble Spirit) to develop positive character traits and support mental and emotional well-being. 


Each video has four sections that include:

  1. Check-in (cultivate self-awareness)

  2. Breathing Practice (calm, energize, balance)

  3. Mindful Movement (move body to enhance learning)

  4. Calming (guided relaxation to calm and clear the mind)

Lesson Plan and Extended Activities

Each MIM lesson video comes with a corresponding downloadable Lesson Plan that includes a video intro script, key messaging, discussion or self-reflection points, and three additional extended activities.  Teachers can use the extended activities in a variety of ways, including continuing the lesson for remaining class time after video, post-curriculum completion to reinforce  lessons or skills, or between lessons for student engagement and development. 

*Texas Educators - Click your grade level below to see how MIM aligns with TEKS requirements. 

MIM Lesson Plan Sample.png

We have had the pleasure of serving North Texas youth and educators with our Mindfulness in Motion for PE™ program and professional development for nearly a decade, including Dallas, Plano, Garland, and Richardson ISDs.  

Watch our Impact Video and discover how we've impacted both youth and those who serve them.

MIM Impact Video

MIM Pricing

Pricing for Mindfulness in Motion™ is tiered based on the number of people trained (certified) to teach the curriculum and the length of the contract.  Please take a moment to click on the button below and fill out a short survey to help us determine your needs. We will then follow up with an email to schedule a discovery call.  (The downloadable brochure has a list of features and services included in the MIM-PE program.)


We look forward to learning more about you and how we can best serve you!

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