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Find Your Flow

You know that feeling when everything falls into place? That sense that all is right in the world? When everything just seems like it's flowing.

Since COVID-19 took over our lives, it's been hard for some of us to find that flow. Our lives have been turned upside down and inside out. Parents have become teachers, teachers have become Zoom specialists. Children are required to go online for school instead of getting in trouble for being online too long.

Now that the country is beginning to open up, you might be able to find your flow more easily. Maybe you feel like you can breathe a little better, or go to places you've missed, such as your favorite restaurant or the gym.

Then there's people who have lost jobs, businesses or loved ones to COVID-19. Their lives will never be the same again. How will they ever find their flow?

Truthfully, all of our lives BC (before COVID), is a thing of the past. The great pandemic is our time in history that will be written about and studied by scholars across all industries - medical, economic and education for decades to come. Nothing will be exactly the same again.

Finding Your Flow

So how do we find our flow in this topsy-turvey world we live in now? First, it's important to know that we find flow in every aspect of being human - physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. When all these things come together at once we're in flow, at peace. For that to happen, let's start with one thing at a time.

Yoga and other mindful practices raise our awareness of all those human features. Movement, breathing, balancing, stretching, holding and stillness all bring us to the present moment where we can become the observer of who we are and how we feel in that moment.


When we teach Yoga, whether online or in person, we invite you to "check-in" throughout the practice. How does your body feel? How does your mind feel? What emotions are coming up for you? Are you feeling ease or discomfort? What can you do to find ease? What adjustment can you make to physically, mentally and emotionally find ease, find your flow?

We are not meant to suffer. Yoga and other mindful practices like conscious breathing and meditation remind us that flow is possible. They help us clear our mind and let go of dis-ease, so our flow can emerge from the darkness.

Start Small

To find your flow, start small. This moment, right now. Discover first what flow feels like for you. Once you learn to recognize you're out of flow, you can use mindfulness tools to bring you back. No animal on earth chooses to suffer. Flow is our default.

I'd like to help you begin to find your flow, so here's a link to my online Mindful Flow video that I themed "Find Your Flow."

Join us weekdays live stream yoga classes at

Also - pre-teens or teenagers at home looking to find their flow this summer? Give them the tools to check-in with their mental health. Click HERE to learn about our camps for middle and high school students. They'll thank you for it.


Author, Phyllis Smith, is the Co-founder and CEO of Live Free Yoga, which offers Yoga and other mindfulness programs for adolescents and those who serve them.


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