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What They're Saying About Live Free Yoga 


“My students feel stronger for practice. I think a lot of students would benefit from all of the components that yoga offers them. My athletes are starting to look forward and appreciate yoga class. The flexibility is my main focus for my athletes because to often my student don't warm up correctly.”
~Basketball Coach, Carter High School, Dallas, Texas

“It allowed the girls to be less injury prone, they became stronger as the season went on and their mental focused increased dramatically. What I liked most about YTA is that it allowed for less stress.”

~Soccer Coach, Roosevelt High School, Dallas, Texas

"Our students have very busy, stressful days and I feel Yoga has improved their ability to handle everyday challenges. The breathing and relaxing techniques have absolutely been a positive with our students."  
~Cherry DeLeon, Athletic Coordinator, Samuell High School, Dallas, Texas



  • “It has taught me to breath and focus. It helped me relieve my stress and have a better mind. It’s a huge stress reliever.”

  • “It helps me when I feel pain. It improved my strength. It relieves stress. I know more about myself. It is amazing for my general attitude.”

  • “I’m more focused when doing a task. I’m more flexible than I thought. I’m a very relaxed person now. I know more about myself. My general attitude is more positive.”

  • “I would recommend Yoga for Teen Athletes, because it makes  you be good with your inner self.”

  • “I would recommend YTA to other students because it releases a lot of stress.”

  • “I would recommend YTA, because it helps stimulate the mind.”

  • “What I like most about YTA is being with the team.”

  • “YSA helps me with my past injuries.”

  • “What I like most about YTA is the way it helped me release stress.”

  • “What I liked most about about YSA is how peaceful and calming it was.”

  • “It helped clear my mind.”

  • “I would recommend YTA to other students and coaches because it helps for games and relaxing.”

  • “It helps get things off your mind and focus on your sport.”

  • “I most like that it is relaxing for me and stress free.”

  • “It helps me be flexible in track, helps me control the ball in soccer, helps me concentrate on my shots/goals, I’m more alert in soccer. It’s an amazing experience.”

  • “The YTA program improved my performance in moving faster, having more confidence, feeling relaxed and quick instincts.

~Students from Roosevelt and Carter High Schools in Dallas, Texas

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