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This short mindful meditation guided by Tida Chambers of Live Free Mindfully, is the perfect tool to calm yourself and/or your students at any time of the day.


Tida is a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher for nearly 2 decades who trained in many forms of meditation and mindfulness. In this 7:30 meditation sequence, Tida guides practitioners through a relaxation technique from head to toe using conscious breathing to connect mind and body.


This meditation can also support Youth counselors by helping their clients in many ways. Research shows that mindful practices like meditation that are performed regularly are proven to improve academic performance and focus, reduce anxiety and depression, lower absenteeism, raise I.Q. scores, and reduce destructive behavior such as drugs and alcohol. 

Time In - A Short Meditation for Your Day

  • This is an .mp3 format that can play on any device. 

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