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Live Free Mindfully (LFM) matters to...


LFM programs actively support and develop character and positive personal values. This helps to develop resilience and social-emotional skills through guided self-discovery in stillness, thought, and movement.


  • Increases academic success

  • Improves self-awareness & confidence

  • Increases empathy for others 

  • Improves relationship-building skills

  • Decreases emotional distress

  • Encourages positive social behavior


LFM provides professional development for educators in mindfulness and has consulting, coaching, and training capabilities for the integration of mindfulness into the individual classroom or at the campus or district level. 


  • Reduces stress

  • Improves classroom management

  • Increases self-compassion 

  • Reduces teacher burnout

  • Improves productivity in the classroom

  • Improves emotional-regulation


LFM programs create a ripple effect of well-being from the individual to the community. LFM also provides mindfulness and movement programs for community events, retreats, PTA, and more. 



  • Strengthens relationships

  • Deepens connections as a collective

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Helps to foster resilience from challenges impacting the community

  • Opens the mind to understanding and acceptance of diversity 


LFM provides mindfulness and wellness services, at the individual, team, or corporate level for a healthier & happier workforce. We support individual and cultural change with mindful leadership training, consulting, and coaching. Integrating mindfulness and mindful movement (such as yoga) into the workplace. 


  • Decline in depression

  • Better employee retention

  • Better emotional balance

  • Improved short-term memory

  • Clearer thinking and better focus

  • Boosts to physical health 

  • More positive relationships


Live Free Mindfully goes beyond “just mindfulness.” We offer services and practices that guide each person to become the best version of themselves. Our four pillars are designed for everyone to become fully whole in their personal expression as they discover and develop a Strong Mind, Brave Heart, Wise Body, and Noble Spirit.

Classroom of young adults meditating

Strong Mind

A Strong Mind practice cultivates a peaceful mind that has clarity to choose the right action. 

Teens with arms around each others shoulders

Brave Heart

A Brave Heart practice helps practitioners overcome their fears, worries and doubts, build confidence and courage through honest self-reflection.

4 Pillars

Wise Body

A Wise Body practice supports physical and emotional strength, flexibility, endurance and healthy choices for nutrition, sleep/rest, and activity/movement.

Yoga instructor teaching yoga to students

Noble Spirit 

A Noble Spirit practice builds connections of self and to others with care, kindness, and compassion.

Group of people standing in circle doing yoga tree pose together

Mindfulness Matters

"Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with intention, by letting go of judgment, as if your life depends on it."

~Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn~

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