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Stilling the Movie of Your Mind

Lately, my mind has been noisy. While meditating in my favorite spot along a nearby walking trail, an observer might think I'm a pillar of calm. Physically, my body is still. My breathing is relaxed and barely noticeable. But my mind - well that's another story.

Of the 15 minute meditation practice I take during my beautiful

nature walk with the dogs, about half feels like a series of movie trailers in my mind consisting of conversations, thoughts and images.

This time of stillness is very important to me. It helps to ground me in preparation for the day. I feel a sense of inner-peace and stability that's hard to explain in words. When I'm done, I just feel lighter, like I'm smiling inside.

So when I find my mind wondering off into many different directions, despite the serenity of the environment around me, I want to try and fix it. But the more I try to stop the movie spinning in my mind, the more it plays to an audience of one.

Only when I fully let go of judgement and let the movie play out, can I find stillness in my mind. Allowing the thoughts to come, even welcoming them, dissipates their meaning. They hold no weight or power. It is then that the movie reel ends and I can return to the present moment.

The key is being aware of your thoughts, feelings and images that come to you. Open your heart to them, because they are a part of you. Don't be angry or frustrated with yourself, and know that as quickly as they come is as quickly as they can go. You have the power to choose your own thoughts and your response to them.

We all have a lot to deal with these days. Life in the time of COVID feels at times like it's been forever, when in reality it's a blip in the timeline of our lives. It will be over some day, and there will be other things that occupy our minds.

Our future is always unknown, but with COVID in our lives that future can cause fear and frustration. How do we accept and adapt to our current circumstances that feel so out of control?

Well, for me, it's taking time every day to find stillness - in body and mind. The awareness of my thoughts and feelings as I sit in stillness helps me let go of those past or future thoughts and come into the present moment.

Listening to my breath, feeling my feet connected to the earth and my palms resting gently on my lap brings me back to the most beautiful moment in time. Now.


Yoga is a wonderful way to bring yourself to stillness. Check out our free live virtual Mindful Surrender (yin-style) class on Wednesdays at

4:30p CST or subscribe to our LFY Virtual Home Studio to practice anytime at your convenience.


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