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Reset, Reimagine, Reclaim

Photo by Phyllis Smith

When I snapped this photo above, I was excited by the sign that spring is just days away. It's been a rough winter here in Texas with the BIG freeze in February that incapacitated so many people. But what I'm most excited about is that this Spring will mark the beginning of the end of this historic year of the pandemic. A rebirth of good things to come.

There's hope on the horizon with more people being vaccinated every day, including me! The hope is that more than 70% of the population will be fully vaccinated by June. This establishes the herd mentality that more people are vaccinated than not. I can't wait to travel, hug, and do so many things without a mask on. I'm simply looking forward to seeing smiles.

This particular Spring for me is about resetting my ideals, reimagining how I can make my life better, and reclaiming what matters to me.

Getting still and quiet through meditation is one tool I use to clear my mind, so I can be open to receive whatever lies before me with grace and ease. It grounds me, and at the same time helps me to feel lighter, less stressed, and free.

It's important to note that to receive the full benefits of meditation, it takes practice and consistency. One ideal I am resetting is to make a commitment to meditating every day. I've already begun and I can tell you that it is the ultimate in self-care. When our mind is balanced, we can thrive even in the most difficult times.

Let's face it, it's easy to get busy with tasks and other responsibilities. Trust me, I can easily get distracted and get busy being busy all day. A consistent meditation practice, and any mindfulness practice for that matter, requires discipline. As my Live Free Yoga business partner and co-founder, Tida Chambers, says, "Discipline will set you free."

With a clear and calm mind, we are open to reimagining how to create a life that serves us best. We have a better understanding of what needs to go, what stays, and what we can add that will bring us more joy in our lives.

I am working on letting go of fear, doubt, and worry and bringing more love into my heart. I am choosing to give more love and less judgment to the people currently in my life and to those beautiful souls I have yet to meet.

As meditation brings me more inner-peace, I am opening the door to reclaiming what matters to me that might have been on the back burner during this past year. I plan to travel more to reconnect with friends and family who are spread out across the U.S. Face-to-face connection is a big one, and one I will never take for granted again.

So, as Spring emerges, how will you reset, reimagine and reclaim in your life? Don't think too hard. I invite you to try to find stillness each day through a mindful practice like meditation or maybe a silent walk, where you're not thinking but simply...being. Once you begin to practice consistently, you will be amazed at how many "aha" moments you have when you least expect it.


ATTENTION EDUCATORS! If you are an educator, we invite you to join our new Facebook Group called, E.D.U.C.A.T.E. which stands for:








We aspire for it to be our self-care sanctuary for educators. You will receive some new mindfulness practices, inspiration, and connections with other educators throughout the world. It's our give-back to the heroes who have endured so much throughout this pandemic and continue to give their hearts, minds, and wisdom to our most precious youth.


SUMMER CAMP! Are your kids struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression? Would you like to empower them with mindfulness tools, so they can grow more confident, focused, calmer, and joyful? Sign them up for our hybrid in-person/virtual "Activate Your Superpower" summer camp, June 21-25th, 2021 in Dallas. Click HERE to learn more and register.


Author, Phyllis Smith, is the Co-founder and CEO of Live Free Yoga, which provides yoga and mindfulness programs for youth and adults who serve them. She is also the co-creator of Lighter Being, a transformative mindfulness video series to help you find more balance, self-love, and a lighter state of being.

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