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How to Clean-up, Clear-out & Find Clarity

If you're like me, you have piles of paper in your office or around your house that you promise to get to one-of-these-days. But one-of-these-days never seems to come. The papers keep piling, and the next thing you know you go into stress-out mode, because you can't find a vital document you need for a presentation that is due...tomorrow.


My big dilemma is that I love organization and a clean space to do my work, but I don't like to clean, and I'm not great at organizing. So, I'm going to introduce you to a fabulous woman I recently met who is a professional organizer. Her name is Cristina Sigurdson, and she is the owner of Clean, Chic and Centered.

We met at an online networking group, and discovered that our mindfulness business and her organizing business are symbiotically connected. They both help to create space from inside and out.


Traditionally, the holidays are stressful when it comes to cleaning up our mess. Before COVID, homes were filled with guests, so clean-up was part of the prep. But with COVID, households might be a bit more empty these days, which will buy us some time to clear out the mess from 2020 and make room for 2021. And boy, do we need that!

In my conversation with Cristina, you will learn how to get started today in a way that will not overwhelm you. You will also learn how organizing is a mindful practice, and how to stop shaming yourself over your mess.


Cristina will be joining Tida and myself as panelist in an upcoming online FREE workshop called, Lighten Your Path to Prosperity in 2021. Click HERE to learn more about all of the panelists and to register.

Phyllis Smith is the Co-founder of Live Free Yoga and Co-creator of the mindfulness video series, Lighter Being. Phyllis and her business partner, Tida Chambers, offer yoga and other mindfulness programs to youth and those who serve them.


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